Corona Craziness

I don’t know about all of you but this coronavirus madness has been really driving me bonkers. As someone who is probably about 95% an extrovert this ‘stay at home’ order has really been taking it’s toll on me. I love to get out, I love to socialize, so being so isolated is almost maddening. This illness is really taking over the world and my heart goes out to all who have been effected by it. I never mean to make light of the situation but if we don’t find some sort of happiness or humor in things this will make us all go insane I’m sure.

I’ve been cooking / baking a bit more and my husband and I have taken up sitting on our front porch like two 80 year olds (nothing wrong with that by the way), and we’ve done the fire pit in the back and did smores with the girls. Just trying to find ways of filling our time and not feeling so enclosed.

I’m very lucky as I’ve been able to work from home most days with only having to physically go into the office maybe one or two days a week and what’s funny is my office days have almost become my “off” days instead of the other way around. At home I’m constantly thinking/worrying about groceries or work or the house at the office I just have to worry about work and there I’m surrounded by grown ups and not teenagers. Ha


I bet you never realized how important toilet paper was until now, did you? I know I didn’t. It used to tick me off so bad that I was paying money for something that we literally use to wipe our ‘you know whats’ and now that paper we throw down the toilet is like GOLD!

And trying to keep stock of the five things my autistic child will eat has become a huge struggle. When I find these little microwave pizzas that she likes I literally buy half the stock because she doesn’t eat much else. Everyone says, “She’ll eat something else if she’s hungry enough,” those people really don’t understand a child with autism.


And what is up with all the Tik Tok videos lately? It’s like everyone and their mother (literally) are now on Tik Tok and doing dances and videos and such. I thought Tik Tok was a kid thing but now I can’t open up Instagram without seeing at least five or six people posting Tik Tok videos doing the same dances. It’s very odd to me. Kudos to them for doing it though. My anxiety ridden ocd self couldn’t do that.

So I’ve just been trying to find ways to fill my time. I’ve started this new blog/site, I’ve been catching up on Netflix shows, I got a Nintendo Switch for my birthday so I’ve been killing time with that, I started a continuing education class for my real estate, and Rosetta Stone is on sale right now because of this craziness so I signed up for that so I could attempt to learn Spanish since a lot of my customers with my day job are in Mexico.

Also a couple of my favorite wine shops are offering curbside pick up so SCORE!


I’d love to know what you’ve been doing to fill your time. Let me know in the comments.

Much love,


Published by Amber Askew

Born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama and never want to move. My husband is my everything. I have two teen girls and one step daughter who’s in college. I have two full time jobs. I’m in customer service and I’m also a Realtor. I may not want to move but I absolutely love to travel. I love wine, coffee, and eating out. Who ever invented Netflix deserves a Nobel prize. My main guilty pleasure is the Bachelor/Bachelorette series on ABC. I’m totally obsessed with Greys Anatomy. Sorry not sorry. Most of my shopping is on Amazon Prime. I’m not that heavy into fashion. If it looks good then I like it. However I do love to look at fashion. I’m obsessed with the Royals. Almost anything involving England I love it! It’s borderline crazy.

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