Somewhere Between Coffee & Wine

Each of my days are measured by when it’s time for coffee and when it’s time for wine and somewhere in between is work, family, life, and more work. Hope you enjoy a glimpse into my craziness.


Real Estate

I am your go to person for all things real estate. I am a local realtor here in Alabama with a passion for helping my clients find their perfect home and give information and updates relevant to the current market. 

Writing World

I write as a hobby but I’ve also self published many books on Amazon. I’ve been in the writing world for over 6 years now and it’s a world I absolutely love. I’m here to help in any way I can if you have any questions about self publishing. 


Life gets a bit chaotic from time to time so this is where I let it all out. I have two full time jobs, a husband, two full time teenagers, a college adult, two cats, and a dog. I blog, take pictures, social media, and write to keep my sanity.